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Spring 2024 Undergraduate Research Assistants


Research in the EMMA Lab gets done thanks to the excellence and dedication of our undergraduate research assistants. Many of our former students go on to exciting careers in industry or grad school, and we are thrilled to have been a part of their educational background. Our current research assistants are featured below.

Jeremiah Adames


My name is Jeremiah Adames and I'm a sophomore majoring in Psychology, and double minoring in Education and Criminal Justice. I'm interested in the impact of environmental influences on child and adolescent development, especially in low-income communities of color, and how mental health services can be better in assisting these individuals. In my free time, I enjoy painting!

Madison Rowley


I am a junior Psychology and Spanish major with a minor in Education. In psychology, I am most interested in how biological factors influence behavior. I think it is important to understand how brain functioning impacts mental health, thought processes, and overall wellbeing. In my spare time, I am the President of the UMass Lowell Figure Skating Club Team. I also enjoy reading, crocheting, traveling, and yoga.  

Niels Dickson

Niels Dickson_SP 19.png

I am a Psychology major with French and Math minors. I started working in the EMMA lab last semester and have enjoyed being a part of motivated research groups interested in memory and attention. I am hoping to attend graduate school after graduating and continue psychology research at a university.

Myralen Jose


Hello, my name is Myralen and I'm a graduating senior! My major is Psychology with a minor in American Studies. Everything about psychology is interesting to me, but what interests me the most is how a person's mindset can change how they view and think about things. Also, how closely linked your body is as a result of that. In my spare time, I like to listen to different kinds of music, crochet, and watch TikTok. 

Noelle Bisesti


Hi, I’m Noelle! I am currently a Senior at UMass Lowell and I am studying Clinical Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. Psychology is filled with endless interesting topics, but one subject that interests me most is the relationship between psychology and individuals who commit crimes, specifically violent crimes. Looking at different mental diagnoses and the possible implications that they have in individuals who exhibit criminal behaviors draws my interest, along with looking at how do we help treat these individuals. In my free time I enjoy painting, listening to music, reading, and being outdoors!

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